Choosing the Right Blogging Websites for Your Guest Blogs

Choosing the Right Blogging Websites for Your Guest Blogs

SEO in Adelaide and around the world has led to the development of various link-building strategies. Guest posting is among these link-building techniques that work well if done right. But how do you find suitable guest blogging sites? A guest blogging site should further your marketing efforts and help you build credibility for your website. Here are some tips to help you choose the right blogging site for your guest blogs.

1. Look at the Site’s Target Audience

A website may have heavy traffic, but it does not align with your content. As such, this is not the right website to post your guest blogs. The website will probably not accept your submission because your content falls outside its niche. Even if they accept and you post on their site, their visitors will not be interested in the information you offer. The best thing is to look for a site within your industry. Ensure your readership fits your customer profile, or there is a way you can spin your content to tap into a new market.

2. Only Consider Websites with Posting Guidelines

Posting guidelines may limit your creativity. However, a website with posting rules is the post to consider for your guest posting. Such sites eliminate sales pitches, re-posts, and promo posts that do not add value to the reader. Only consider websites that accept best practice guides, honest reviews, troubleshooting articles, and eLearning trend forecasts.

3. Look at Traffic Statistics

Although you cannot log into a website to view the analytics, a reputable guest posting site should mention its monthly site stats and readership demographics. The website may include information such as the number of visitors per month, the primary audience, and average page views. Such transparency is a sign that you are dealing with a reputable website.

Choosing the Right Blogging Websites for Your Guest Blogs

4. Posting Perks

Your content is valuable. As such, avoid settling for a website with no standards or posting perks. For instance, a reputable guest posting site can include a URL to your author profile. This allows visitors to learn more about you and access your landing pages. Users will recognise you as a top author and may share your content. The guest posting site can also launch a marketing campaign for you. Guest posting should benefit you and help you become an industry authority.

5. Look at the Posts on the Website

Analysing the website’s content is another effective way to tell whether you are on the right guest posting platform. Do you find any similar topics or content? Do you like the tone and style of the content? Who is the primary audience? Also, consider whether you can put a creative spin to add value to the reader. Content accuracy is another thing to consider since you do not want to guest post on websites that post hearsay or personal opinions. Although there is always room for personal input, the content should be free of slander and false information.

6. Look at Their Social Media Reach

Almost everyone is on one or more social media platforms. As such, some websites include social media as part of their marketing strategy. Some guest posting sites will post content on their websites and share it on their social network. However, the guest posting website should be transparent about their social media presence. They should tell you their number of followers and their interactivity level. The website should also tell you about the number of people that leave comments on their posts.

7. Use Tools

Another way to find the right guest posting site is to use various tools like content research, social listening, and audience overlap tools. Content research tools like Buzzsumo can help you look for guest blogs. The best thing about Buzzsumo is that it will give you sites that accept guest posts. Social listening tools will allow you to search the entire web, from blogs to social media and other content resources. Audience overlap tools help you find websites with similar content to yours. They help you find websites that share an audience or are similar to what you offer. These tools will save you time and stress and provide reliable results.

Choosing the Right Blogging Websites for Your Guest Blogs


Guest blogging remains to be a highly effective link-building technique. There are many guest posting sites to consider, but you must choose the right one for your website. Remember that the site’s credibility affects your brand image.

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