How Do You Build Links to Improve Your Off-Site SEO?


Backlinks remain one of the most crucial ways of building authority for your site and an effective SEO Adelaide strategy for your brand. Websites with many quality backlinks rank better than those with fewer. A strong backlink profile indicates that people find your content valuable and recommend it. 

However, not all backlinks are of benefit to your website. If you have poor backlinks, your site will likely be penalised, affecting your ranking. It is thus a challenge for new website owners to know what tactics are rewarded by the search engines and the ones to avoid. 

How Do You Build Links to Improve Your Off-Site SEO

Link Building Techniques to Use for Higher Ranking

1. Create skyscraper content 

Ensure you create content that takes advantage of popular trends and pieces of content. It would help if you aim to build content with the same theme but relay the theme to the users much better. Here are the steps to follow to achieve valuable content;

  • Search for content topics in Google. The content you aim for should be on page 1 in the search results. This content is enough evidence of what is already working. You can scrutinise the content and see who’s linking to it and the audience it’s capturing. 
  • Read the content and think of how you can create something better. 
  • Start promoting

2. Become a resource for journalists

Do you have information that you think a writer will find valuable? Then let them know. Some useful tools to achieve this include Help a Reporter Out (HARO). This tool connects reporters and bloggers with people looking for backlinks. You can accomplish this by just signing up as a source, and you will get requests through emails from people in a similar industry. You can pitch the response based on the requirements, and If accepted, you will get a link to a credible source. 

3. Ask for mentions to become backlinks.

Sometimes people write about your brand without linking to it. You can ask the writer to add a link to such content. You can use Google to search for blogs and websites that mention you and shoot an email requesting the publisher to link to your site from the piece.

4. Create great gated content.

Your content should clearly define what you want the reader to do after accessing it. Hence, the content you create needs to be a link magnet worth sharing, be good such that people want to read and link to it. Gated content is big pieces with a lot of value.

5. Pitch to link roundup articles

Link roundup articles have valuable links that are important to a particular niche. Pitching helpful content to the link roundup writers is possible in two ways;

  • Google search the relevant link roundup articles.
  • Email the writer who pitches your piece explaining why you are a good fit for the roundup, and ask if they would like to link to it. 

6. Credible guest posting

This entails trying to add your voice to somebody’s site in a helpful and valuable way. It is recommended that you post to authoritative sites within your niche. However, it is not enough for a site to accept the post. Ensuring that your post is relevant and credible to link it is crucial. Here are some tips for finding great sites to guest blog on;

  • Identify potential guest posting sites.
  • Create your idea and pitch it to the blog.
  • If a blogger accepts your pitch, write the post. Give your piece care and attention as you do for your site. 

7. Links from testimonials

You aim to have as many people talking about your brand as possible. Testimonials are evidence to the readers that they have tried your service and their feeling towards it. However, when it comes to link building, you should aim to flip the script, and instead of soliciting testimonials, you start creating them. 

You can do this by writing a testimonial for other people’s brands and saying the good things you like about them. After sending it to the company, they will put it on their site, and since they want to show that it came from a natural person, they will link to your site, showing readers that you exist. 

8. Collaborate with influencers

Undoubtedly, every industry has influencers who have tons of followers. These are great sources of backlinks. If you have a product an influencer can review, send them a free sample, and request their honest reviews. As part of the reviewing process, they will link to your product. While working with them, ensure you are upfront and precise while negotiating what they offer in exchange for your products or services.

Link Building Techniques to Use for Higher Ranking


Following the above tips will help you build links for your site, resulting in high-quality and credible results. However, more than creating content is required. Ensure that you research and promote your work. Contact us and speak with experienced professionals for further assistance. 

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