The Importance of Your Website Being Mobile-Friendly

A Simple Guide to Mobile SEO

The practice of optimising your web pages and content for a higher ranking in the SERPs after a search by a mobile device is referred to as mobile SEO in Adelaide and beyond. 

According to statistics, mobile devices have become crucial in online sales and lead generation. Google has introduced algorithms reflecting the changes and prioritising mobile-friendly pages. 

The Importance of Your Website Being Mobile-Friendly

The Importance of Mobile SEO

In 2018, Google launched the mobile-first index, overhauling the entire algorithm to focus on mobile. With this development, searchers can find high-quality and relevant content where texts are readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling. 

Are you focusing on mobile SEO? If not, you could be missing a lot.

Checking if a Website is Mobile-Friendly or Not

Are your websites mobile-friendly? Or you want to say how friendly your website is so that you can track your digital marketing efforts. 

There are several tools to use, such as Google’s mobile-friendly test. You can achieve this by typing your URL into the search box, and there you will have it. Google will give you the results. You can also check your site’s speed and highlight issues you have with resources that are being blocked or redirected.

Mobile SEO Best Practices

What are the best practices for your mobile SEO? Do you want to optimise your search for mobile search? Here are the best practices to adhere to;

1. Creating a seamless user experience on mobile devices
You begin this with a responsive website, meaning that your site can be accessed by all users, whether using mobile devices or desktops. 

2. Mobile content
You should ensure that the same content a desktop user accesses on your site can also be accessed by a mobile device user. 

3. Indexing
Crawling and indexing of all contents on your site should be possible on mobile phones, whether tests, images, or videos.

4. Voice search
Internet users perform voice searches from their mobile devices. So, it is important to optimise your mobile site for voice search. Professionals advise rethinking your keyword strategy and helping you better focus on long-form keywords and questions. 

5. Fast load speed
One of the most important factors in ranking is your page’s load speed. The faster the site’s speed, the better it is. 

6. All internal links and redirects work
Ensure that your site is crawlable and create a flawless user experience.

Mobile SEO Tools

Several tools are used to determine whether your site is mobile-friendly. Here are some of them. 

  • Google’s mobile-friendly test
    This test provides you with information on your site’s friendliness, which is crucial in guiding you toward necessary adjustments. 
  • Test my site
  • Google’s page speed insight
    With this, you can determine your site speed and what you can do to improve it. 
  • Google search console
    This helps you check whether Google can successfully crawl your site.
  • SEMrush
    This helps you check the indexation of your site. 
The Importance of Your Website Being Mobile-Friendly


Mobile SEO is one of the important factors for your current business to succeed. Hence, as a business owner, it is advisable to make it one of your marketing strategies for a higher ranking, boosting traffic to your site, and increasing conversion rates. This is important for online success.

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