What are Backlinks?

Backlinks, link-bank or inbound links are when one website links to another. Google uses backlinks to determine whether your website is authoritative. Any website that links to you tells Google that you are a trusted source of information. Google has many factors that affect website rankings, but it is believed that backlinks affect rankings more than anything. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank in the SERPS. As such, it is essential to ensure your website has backlinks.

Implementing and analysing the performance of your backlinks is an essential SEO strategy. You must invest in on-page and off-page SEO to increase traffic to your website and get noticed by Google and other search engines. On-page SEO helps search engines understand what your website is about, while off-page SEO demonstrates that your content is valuable to third parties. Backlinks are a strong value statement to users and search engines. However, there is a crucial element that defines the power of backlinks. Backlinks are either no-follow or do-follow.

  • Nofollow links: These links tell search engines, “Don’t count this.” Most nofollow links may still work in your favour, but they will not offer much benefit like do-follow links.
  • Do-follow links: These are links that count as votes of trustworthiness.
What are Backlinks

How Do Search Engines Evaluate Backlinks for Relevance?

Relevance is crucial when it comes to backlinks. Besides looking at the authority of a backlink, Google also considers relevance. Does the topic or content of the link match its target? For instance, if you have a website that sells guitars, you can link from the following websites;

  • A popular website in the music industry
  • A web page about guitars

You can have backlinks from many different sources. However, only the relevant ones will signal to Google that your site is an excellent match. When we talk about quality and relevance, we talk about authoritative sites that people trust. Google will rank you high if you link from sites people trust. After all, they know it is challenging to get links from authoritative websites. Another thing that Google looks at is the amount of natural links you get. You should refrain from paying people to link to your website.

What are Backlinks

How to Gain Backlinks

Building backlinks is among the most valuable things you can do to increase traffic and improve your Google rankings. Unfortunately, building backlinks is challenging since you have to convince others that your site is trustworthy and it can help a web page on their site. Rather than emailing random people to ask them to link to your site, engage in activities that have the potential to generate backlinks instead. For instance, you can start by linking to other authoritative sites, and they may link to yours. Link building can happen in two ways:

  • Someone sees your content and links to you
  • You place your content in front of someone, and they choose to link to you

Link building is a trial and error process, and the most effective method will depend on your content, businesses that might like you and how you get people to look at your site. Here are a few ways to help you get more backlinks;

1. Do round-up posts: Introduce a particular topic and email experts in your space to answer questions. Once the experts participate, please write a blog post and include their names and link to their social medial profiles. Ask them to share the post on their social media posts. This process will lead to more sharing, and authoritative sites may notice and link to you.

2. Get into link round-ups: Include people in your round-up and focus on including your website in relevant link round-ups. Use search engines to look for round-ups in your space. Create quality posts, and people in the round-up will link to you.

3. Build broken links: Look for broken links on other websites and offer your link as a replacement. People will be happy to link to you since you will add value to their site without asking for anything in return.

4. Become a source for reporters and bloggers: One of the most effective ways to rank high is to build links from authoritative news sites and blogs in your industry. Use a match-making site that will connect you to brands that want links and press mentions.

What are Backlinks


Besides being good for SEO, links also create awareness and drive traffic. Earning strong links will help you outrank your competition and get more customers. Our team can help you earn more backlinks by providing you with tools to create quality content that will attract customers and other brands. We will also provide you with information and tips to help you earn quality backlinks.

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