What is Link Building?

What Makes Link Building Important in SEO?

Link Building is the most effective strategy for convincing high-authority, niche-specific websites to endorse your website. A strong and instructive backlink profile is created as you gain backlinks. Depending on how strong a link profile you build, Google’s algorithm may be won over, and your website may rank higher. Despite all the rumours, link building is an important component of SEO website optimisation that you must pay attention to. 

A healthy link profile takes time to develop, but it is always worthwhile. When you make targeted, sincere attempts to develop links, they pay off with durable outcomes. Links are, after all, fundamental to how Google search functions. The company’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, developed the brilliant idea behind PageRank. Google optimises the PageRank algorithm to locate and rank new sites based on quality indicators. This indicates that backlinks are one of the main ranking variables in Google’s core algorithm and disregarding them could halt a website’s development.

What is Link Building

Wondering How to Build Links? Here's How!

Now that you understand how link building can complement the SEO of your website, it’s time to discover how to build links. Link building generally takes place in one of these ways;

1. Requesting Links: Do you want a specific website to link back to yours? The best action is to seek a backlink from the website’s owner. Nevertheless, ensure that connecting back to the website brings you rewards in terms of authority and web traffic. Here are the key points to keep in mind; the webpage must be relevant to your field or specialty, the website needs to be reliable and work well, and you need to create an email pitch that is actually persuasive in order to persuade the website owner to accept a backlink placement.

2. Revenue Links: When other website owners link to your website without asking for a backlink, you have earned a link. This frequently occurs when your website is offering helpful, high-quality, and user-engaging information that both your target audience and business professionals find valuable. Google Webmaster Guidelines state that “creating good content pays off: Links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the more useful content you have, the greater the chances that someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it.” The largest reward and a definite indication that your link-building activities are effective are gaining backlinks to your website.

What is Link Building?

What Are the Link Building Techniques to Avoid

When dealing with backlinks to your website, you must be aware of the do-nots to avoid or quickly unlearn them. Let us list some black hat techniques you should avoid during link development. 

1. Purchasing Links: Paid link-building clearly violates Google’s webmaster guidelines and distorts search engine algorithms. You run a very high danger of receiving a punishment as a result. Most paid links are inherently low-quality and come from websites with plenty of outbound links.

2. Strange Links: Avoid merely putting links on your website to get more backlinks and climb the search engine results page since it can work against you. Your link placement must benefit both website visitors and users and should either direct consumers to a relevant information source or help search engine crawlers understand the context better. Links that don’t fit the bill are labelled as spam, and you could be penalised for them.

3. PBN Links: Private blog networks (PBN) are designed to build many links, from a collection of blogs, frequently those with no authority, to a website that makes money. This is done unethically to transmit link juice to the lucrative website and raise its ranking. Google despises PBN because it uses dishonest methods to manipulate the search engine algorithm to give a site a higher rating. If you utilise a PBN to boost your site’s ranking, the entire plan will fail if Google discovers it and penalises it.

What is Link Building?


Link building is a continuous process. However, although it may require more work than any other SEO method, the payoff is substantial and long-lasting. If you find the process time-consuming, you can enlist the help of a reputable link-building service provider to buy connections on your behalf from relevant websites. You can liaise with the Best SEO Company Adelaide team to help build links. When you successfully create links, a lot of original traffic will already be coming to your site.

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